I got your back..

Want to know how Goplinto can support your particular business type? Let me explain with some examples.. 

All you would love to do at your

Restaurants, Cafe’s & Fast food outlets, 

Is to provide an elegant, super-fast digital ordering experience to your customers. But the thought of heavy investments on hardware and technology makes you say Bye-Bye to those ideas. That is where I come in. With Goplinto’s Digital menu one can provide top-notch digital ordering services - simple, secured and at zero hardware costs.

The most important and unique flare at 

Food Courts

Is it’s multi-store ordering experience but that comes with a burden of waiting in multiple queues. Due to which, at times you lose customers. You want to go online but, they say “You need to compromise on experience to go online”. I say “Never”. With Goplinto’s magic, let your customers enjoy the foodcourt’s multi-store ordering experience in the digital menu without a miss by saying “No” to queues.

Coming to

Supermarket’s, Grocery, Vegetable, Fish & Meat Stores,

Though you want to create your own eCommerce website, the thought of uploading all the thousands of product details and then managing those products stock on a timely basis, makes you push those plans aside. Goplinto, solves this issue as we connect with your ERP system and do the heavy lifting of uploading and managing the inventory on our own.


Apparel, Fashion & Lifestyle,

The most happening thing in any store is marketing the products by providing offers & promotions, analyzing how each effort is working, and changing the strategy based on the data. Wondering how you can do all this in your eCommerce store online? It’s simple. Goplinto provides tools such as coupons module to run offers & promotions, You can run marketing campaigns via tools like Whatsapp Marketing, push notifications module. Finally, analyse your online store using Google Analytics, In-app reports. See, You got all these tools and more..

Connecting and retargeting customer for

Pharmaceuticals Store

Is the actual pain point. What if i say “You can do that very easily with Goplinto”, What would you say? Yes, now connect with your customers effectively using our Whatsapp customer support, send them regular reminders, personalised messages and grow your business.

The people who run

Handicrafts & Homemade Goods,

Find the Brand identity & awareness to be a struggle, to get and spread those, one’s worry to invest time, effort and money could be humongous. That is where I come in. With Goplinto, one can create their own brand identity in a matter of a few minutes at low prices and with minimalistic efforts.

Also, eCommerce store for

Home Decor, Electronics & Hardware Stores

Means you can keep the store open 24/7, 365days, Every day around the clock. Give your customers those extra hours to shop. Why restrict only to your surrounding customers, when you can reach out to Local, National and even International consumers


All this is POSSIBLE with ME - Goplinto.

No, No, Not just these business types.
I support and benefit these businesses and more..

Some Example Sites For You..

Check out these sample ordering websites, they are meant to help you understand the look, feel and features of the website. 

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