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Make the most of your online store.

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Inventory Management Module

Manage Products & Inventory

List out all your products on the eCommerce website by adding them in our Products module. You can add hundreds of products, their descriptions, specifications, variants and more. Along with that, Manage your inventory by adding and updating the stocks

Reports & Analytics Module

Reports & Insights

Timely reports and business insights enable better understanding of the pros and cons of the business, helping you to fill the gaps. We get that, that is why we are providing reports overview, advanced reports and custom reports based on your requirement.

Checkout, Ordering & Payments

Secure Payments

SSL Secured and PCI-DSS compliant safe payment modes. GoPlinto provides complete payment solutions, From debit/credit cards to UPI’s and wallets, GoPlinto provides all the methods. You can choose to provide COD/ POD to your customers as well. We got all these options available for you.

Checkout, Ordering & Payments

Order Management

Get orders from customers, process those orders in this module and help your customers track their orders. But, How will you know when you get the order? Good question, we will notify you as and when you get an order via WhatsApp as a message or send you a push notification or perhaps do both.

Coupons, Discounts, & Promotions Module

Promotions & Coupons

Offers have become an integral part of any business nowadays. It is the power to attract customers. GoPlinto knows this, hence we provide a coupons and promotions module for you to utilize the power efficiently and effectively.

Chat, WhatsApp, & CR

Customer Support

Connecting with customers and providing them the info that they need, when they need, is crucial. This one aspect can change the entire customer experience for better or worse. GoPlinto WhatsApp chat feature solves this problem for you and enables your customers to reach out to you via WhatsApp in a click.

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  • Is It Really Free?

    Yes, Digital Menu is FREE forever! No credit card required to sign up and use

  • Is the QR Code Theme Customizable?

    Yes, the QR Code stickers, business card and other assets are customized to your store logo and website theme color.

  • How Many Items Can I add for Free?

    You can add up to 100 products for FREE as part of the digital menu

  • Does Digital Menu Support Ordering?

    Digital Ordering, either on Mobile App or Desktop Website, is a paid feature. Once you are ready to grow and expand we can connect to give the best rates possible for enabling ordering