Marketing is an art of making and maintaining a conversation with your customers. To support this art of yours, we provide modules such as push notifications, WhatsApp marketing, Email marketing, personalized branding materials and many more such tools.


No matter what marketing efforts one makes. It is crucial to analyze these efforts, identify what works, what doesn’t and make changes accordingly. Identifying the power of analytics, we provide integrations such as google analytics, Google merchant center and more.


It is one thing to be visible online, but to appear on the top of search results is altogether something else. For this to happen, your website must be SEO optimized. Goplinto, provides a module to add SEO keywords that will help you take your website to top.

Social Media

In this Smart phone’s + Social media era, everything and everyone is supposed to be present online in social media. The same goes for your website and your products. That is why we made sharing via dashboard super easy. So, Share away and grow high.


Going digital has become the new normal. We intend to do the bit we can to help you achieve that. Checkout and subscribe to our blog, get all the information you need regarding taking your business online.

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