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Your business is severely missing out if it hasn’t already developed a social selling plan to increase sales through social networking.

Obviously, a buyer and a seller must connect on the same channel for a transaction to take place. So, take a moment to reflect… Where do the majority of your clientele spend their time? How do you locate them? Companies decide where and how to communicate with their customers, and at the moment, that is through social media.

So, keep reading to discover more about social selling and how to accomplish it if you want to boost your sales and find the ideal channel for your Buyer Persona.

Describe Social Selling.

sell products using social media
Social Selling

By focusing on the networking aspect of social networks and developing sincere relationships with potential consumers or the people who have the power to influence them, social selling uses social media to indirectly market products or services.

Here is an example of social selling in action:

  • keeping an eye out for pertinent talks and responding to remarks from potential clients
  • enabling post notifications on social media accounts of famous people so you can interact with their followers
  • posting social media material that highlights your skills, charm, and principles to draw in your potential clients
  • sending personal messages to prospective clients to identify oneself and steer the conversation away from a sales pitch in favour of providing value

Social selling works best on sites like LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook Groups where community and discussion are prioritised, especially if your niche frequents those sites.

Social selling is extremely effective for service-based businesses that sell to other businesses or in circumstances where the time spent networking is well worth it because of the high return on developing personal ties. Social Selling is important when you want to sell products using social media.

Direct-to-consumer product sales may involve community management, which entails making a continual effort to interact with prospective consumers on both your account and the profiles they follow.

Platforms To Sell Products Using Social Media

I’ve been asked this question a lot because social selling is typically associated with LinkedIn. Given that this social network is so heavily focused on business, the merger makes sense. However, social selling is also quite valuable on other networks.

As a result, the straightforward answer to the previous query is: all of them.

I’ll quickly go through how to approach a social selling sales model on each social media platform to sell products using social media.

How to Sell Products Using Social Media Through LinkedIn?

Sell using social media

We all consider LinkedIn to be the standard business-to-business social network. However, as someone who practically lives on this platform, I can attest to the fact that this pattern is becoming less and less common and that new commercial relationship models, such as direct to consumer, to other professionals, to the government, etc., are emerging.

LinkedIn is now lot more for business in general and isn’t just for companies any more.

To help your sales strategy, use hashtags, post frequently, and try to establish real connections with other users.

How to Sell Products Using Social Media Through Twitter?

Although it has its drawbacks because not everyone prefers this platform, Twitter is a wonderful social network to supplement online activities you carry out on LinkedIn. This indicates that the personas you are trying to reach might not be present.

Users can voice their opinions on numerous topics in a more real and open manner thanks to social selling’s open nature. That’s advantageous for you because it allows you to learn more about your client. Twitter is a fantastic platform for businesses to engage openly and directly with consumers, clients, and prospects. especially when they are searching for a solution to an issue that your good or service can address.

How to Sell Products Using Social Media Through Facebook?

Social Media

Even though Facebook may not be as popular as it once was, it is still one of the social networks with the most active users, making it a valuable resource for a successful social marketing approach.

It is still a popular network in several Latin American nations, so if that is the audience you’re aiming for, this could be a terrific platform.

In terms of structure, Facebook is similar to LinkedIn in that you have a personal profile on one side and a company page on the other

How to Sell Products Using Social Media Through Social Networks?

Social selling is possible across all platforms. For some of the more specialised apps, here are some brief tips:

Pinterest: It has a high rate of conversion for online stores, and it may be very helpful for directing traffic to your website, where you can detail your goods and services and draw customers with your blog.

YouTube: YouTube is great for tutorials, demos, and video-based knowledge demonstrations.

Snapchat: Snapchat is popular, especially for its enjoyable filters. Go ahead if your business fits in there.

TikTok: Consider that your young audience may be a prescriber or influencer instead of a potential customer because they lack the financial power to make purchases (not influencer).

How Can GoPlinto Help You Sell Products Using Social Media? 

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Through GoPlinto’s Social CRM, you will be able to manage SEO, SEM, and Google Ads in one place! Connect with Your Customers on Popular Social Media Channels is one of the additional Social CRM capabilities that GoPlinto provides. Manage Loyalty Rewards, Email, and SMS Promotional Messages with GoPlinto.

GoPlinto will also help you grow your business after setting up your store!
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