Top 2 Essential Methods Of Inventory Management For Ecommerce

Methods Of Inventory Management For Ecommerce
methods of inventory management for ecommerce

It is essential to know the methods of inventory management for ecommerce. Improve your eCommerce sales and marketing strategy by becoming knowledgeable about the fundamental inventory management techniques.

You are therefore fulfilling your dream! You have finally opened for business after months of formulating plans, calculating expenses, and putting in the grueling work. You are managing your own online store! Or perhaps you’ve been operating an online business for years.

In either case, there is one area of every retailer’s life that lacks the support it requires. And that is understanding how to employ inventory management techniques to improve your business.

What Is Inventory Control?

The simplest definition of inventory management is obtaining, keeping, and reselling stock. It involves being aware of your stock’s quantity, market value, location, and duration of storage.

For any organisation, big or small, knowing how to manage inventory is essential. It reduces waste, expenditures, and time spent. By giving customers the items they desire, maintaining supply leads to a greater focus on the client.

Unfortunately, many companies still don’t know the best techniques for inventory management. Due to improper use of the appropriate methods and procedures, some of the largest businesses in the world have failed.

Here are some tips to make sure your eCommerce store maintains its leading position by implementing an effective inventory management system.


Methods Of Inventory Management For Ecommerce: Recognize The Details Of Inventory Management

This is amongst the first methods of inventory management for ecommerce.

Why inventory control is necessary?

Although it doesn’t have to be difficult, inventory control is always crucial. Knowing stock levels is made easier by understanding;

Reordering period. You must first be aware of when stock is getting low. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are unable to supply goods to clients. Imagine carrying out a weekly grocery run. When you run out of milk, you don’t wait to get more until the container is completely empty.

How much to order again. Imagine you run a pet store online. More than you anticipated, the squeaky carrot toys have been selling well. Therefore, you must order more of those. However, you don’t want to order too many and end up with a warehouse full of high-pitched toys. Maintaining inventory also keeps numbers consistent.

What quantity to order next. Will a tomato with a squeaker sell well if the carrot, in the toy example, is doing well? Accurate inventory management will also aid in the acquisition and commercial success of new goods. This is essential for understanding the methods of inventory management for ecommerce.

How long stuff may be left outside or inside a warehouse. For things like perishables, this may seem a little self-evident. But a lot of products could go unaccounted for without an accurate inventory.

Methods Of Inventory Management For Ecommerce: Selecting The Appropriate Inventory Management Programme

This is amongst the second methods of inventory management for ecommerce.

43% of small firms still manage their inventories manually, according to Wasp. This actually indicates that 43% of small businesses are susceptible to errors. Therefore, having a software tool helps prevent confusion and human error. This is essential for understanding the methods of inventory management for ecommerce.

But picking the best inventory management programme is no easy task. You actually need to take into account the type of business you run, the size of your organisation, as well as any unique needs.

GoPlinto recommends posing the following inquiries:

  • What percentage of users will need access?
  • Does the programme support scaling as your business expands?
  • Is the software compatible with other platforms?
  • Can they aid with data migration?
  • Is it possible to create custom reports using the system?
  • Do you have access to your inventory’s audit history?
  • Does the programme enable you to stop inventory from being lost, stolen, or misplaced?
  • Do you need to use different devices to access the inventory management software?
  • How good is their technical assistance while troubleshooting? 

You want to look for e-commerce that, based on the most popular standards:

  • real-time data analysis; data analysis and inventory optimization
  • considers both overstocking and understocking;
  • takes into account seasonality and adjusts for the stage of the product’s lifespan.

It will also be quite advantageous to use software that makes use of pricing optimization. It will offer advice on when to sell at higher or lower price points, as well as suggestions on what sells well throughout each season. It not only aids in selling the stock for the highest possible profit but also aids in making room for new shares.

What You Must Understand About Audits?

Making sure you are checking how much stock you have is called auditing. Even with the greatest software, manual audits should still be done. It can assist in keeping track of any stolen goods and help avoid overstocking or understocking situations.

An exhaustive audit is the first step towards accomplishing this. This typically entails periodically counting all of the stock. To be honest, this procedure can be tedious and time-consuming. This is essential for understanding the methods of inventory management for ecommerce.

The third technique is spot inspection. You achieve this by randomly comparing one item’s numbers to the data stored in your software. It’s a useful method for verifying the veracity of numbers.

Of course, different strategies will be more effective with certain businesses.


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Your job will be so much easier if you have a great inventory management system in place. By keeping track of your inventory with the help of the appropriate software and these methods, you may increase your profit. In the end, it results in a happier client who will continue to use your services.

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