How To Start A Bakery Business From Home In 5 Easy Steps!

Do you want to learn how to start a bakery business from home but do not know where and how to begin? Do not worry; we are here to help you!

For baking-geek housewives, opening a small-scale bakery is a great business concept. In addition, it’s a lucrative business option for anyone who enjoys baking and is dissatisfied with their current employment. It’s not a bad idea to try running a small-scale bakery as a side business. It offers significant potential for high growth and profitability and is a small-scale company choice that is simple to set up and manage.

Launching a home bakery business can be lucrative and enjoyable if you have the necessary skills. Passionate home bakers are increasingly discovering the concept of an “internet bakery” as a way to generate revenue.

Instead of renting an expensive storefront and employing a staff of workers, this form of small business enables you to bake to your heart’s content, be your own supervisor, and work from home.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re seeking to figure out how to start a bakery business from home. Here’s how to transform your kitchen at home into a small-batch production powerhouse.

how to start a bakery business from home
Online Bakery

Make A Budget

Even though starting an online bakery would undoubtedly be less expensive than operating a conventional location, there are still a few important financial factors to consider. You must first account for the price of the necessary tools, baking and cooking utensils, raw materials, and other supplies, as well as the cost of paying yourself and/or your employees’ salaries, insurance, company licensing, and licenses. A business cannot be started without products, and a product cannot exist without the required raw resources.

Make a list of EVERYTHING you will require to launch a home bakery to get started. Write some of them down even when they seem too obvious to do so. With its assistance, you can better manage your budget and estimate your total charges.

Carry out market analysis

Who is the ideal client base for your products, your target market? What specific types of baked products are they prepared to pay for? Do they prefer less expensive or more expensive treats?

It’s critical to conduct preliminary research on your target market to avoid developing a product for which there is no market or trying to satisfy a hungry market with the incorrect offering.

Are you situated in a good place to service the corporate office crowd, for example, if you intend to concentrate on corporate clients? Do they prefer donuts, muffins, croissants, cupcakes, pastries, and bagels?

Perhaps you only intend to sell to restaurants, and they favor products manufactured from entirely organic or locally sourced ingredients.

There are many possibilities available to you; just make sure you do your homework.

Arrange For The necessary permits.

You must complete a few more paperwork-related tasks because you are running a food business before you can officially open for business, even if it is an internet operation.

This covers items like certificates, licenses, permits, and anything else deemed essential to adhere to the local or regional health standards, laws, and regulations.

Depending on the state in which you reside, you could need a license to prove that you can create and distribute baked goods, or you might require a food safety certification.

The laws differ by state and jurisdiction, so make sure to speak with the local government office to see what you must do to comply.

Choose Your Area Of Expertise

This was discussed previously in the market research section. Your niche or specialty in baked products will be based on your target market’s needs and your specific knowledge and interests. This specific knowledge and interests define your niche.

For instance, you may have decided that your target market prefers healthy delights, in which case you will only sell gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan products. Or perhaps you’ll portray your company as a boutique bakery producing personalized orders for a small number of chosen customers while utilizing only organic and locally produced ingredients. Or perhaps you need someone who creates beautiful birthday cakes for children’s parties in your region.

how to start a bakery business from home
Online Bakery

Create and grow your Online Store

It’s time to set up your website or online store. This stage can be as straightforward or complex as your resources and time permits.

Don’t have the time or money to create a fully functional website? No issue. You can start with a specific landing page, which is probably all you’ll need until your bakery business gains considerable pace. Even less tech-savvy may easily create landing pages thanks to landing page builders.

The best method to take your business online is to select the eCommerce platform that best matches all of your business demands.

When selecting an eCommerce platform for your company, many options are available on the market.

Many legacy platforms exist, but they have a reputation for being too complex and sophisticated for small firms.

A small-scale business like a home bakery requires a platform to help you get your enterprise online fast, simple, and with no technical knowledge.

This leads us to the one platform, GoPlinto, which will unquestionably be the greatest option for your bakery business. On GoPlinto, opening an online store is as simple as starting a WhatsApp group. You might have an eCommerce store that works well in just a few minutes.

For your online bakery, pick a clear, bright, and upbeat theme. The title, logo, and slogan should be added after customizing the theme using your brand’s preferred colors.

A shopping cart, online payments, shipping choices, and other eCommerce capabilities will all be available in your GoPlinto online store.

Both a desktop and mobile version of GoPlinto are accessible. Your store is ready once you log in using your details, add your company name, and select a category.


It’s time to start marketing now that you know your niche and target market and are prepared to launch your online presence.

There are several inexpensive and free ways to achieve this. For instance, you can create business-specific social media profiles on the appropriate networks. In the bio area of each of those platforms, be sure to provide the URL of your home page or website. Post images to Facebook and Instagram, tweet about deals, and encourage your fans to share your content.

Even if your long-term company strategy is to operate only online, you might occasionally want to sell your products at community events and get-togethers to allow people to see, smell, and taste your baked goodies. Just remember to provide them with the URL to your internet store so they can shop from you in the future.

Other powerful, cost-free forms of marketing include recommendations and word-of-mouth. Simply encourage your top clients to spread the word about your bakery to their connections, and provide them with business cards that include your logo, company name, and website address or landing page URL.

Bakery Business

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Now, you have found how to start a bakery business from home!

GoPlinto provides free, easy ways to develop secure payment forms, fully customized bakery order form templates, and cake purchase form templates.

You may accept payments online through Visa, Mastercard, UPI payment, and other reputable payment gateways. Simply integrate these forms into your bakery business’s landing page or website, and watch the orders come in!

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