How To Sell A Product Online In India In 5 Easy Steps

Online sales present a plethora of prospects for business owners worldwide. E-commerce is expanding annually and is not showing any signs of slowing.

Selling online might be quite advantageous for you if you’re interested in launching an online business. It can also offer a way to succeed without spending much money on real estate and starting a brick-and-mortar business.

Selling online inside your city, state, or even continent without leaving your desk is one of the nicest aspects. However, the main query that can cross your mind is how to sell a product online in India.

Not to worry! Neither the expense nor the complexity is excessive. This post provides a thorough tutorial on how to sell a product online in India.

how to sell a product online in India
Sell a Product

Why Should You Sell Online In India?

India has a big retail industry. Due to the expansion of online retailers, B2C eCommerce has exploded in India during the past several years.

These online retailers give customers the confidence they need by providing free shipping, significant discounts, enticing offers, trade schemes, etc.

The eCommerce sector’s fastest-growing market in India. According to a report by the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the Indian eCommerce market will be worth $200 billion by 2026. According to the same data, there will be 829 million Internet users by 2022, up from 604 million in 2018.

Businesses have already reached a billion-dollar valuation like Flipkart.

Choose an online business model to launch your business

Before conducting online business in India in 2022, you should choose the ideal e-commerce company plan.

Ecommerce business concepts come in various forms, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Different sums of money must be invested depending on the business strategy.

You should be aware that regardless of the business models and items you select, the processes needed to start up and operate an internet business remain the same.

What Items Should I Sell Online?

Deciding what to sell online is the most important stage. You can’t choose a product or market to sell on the internet just because you want to start an online store, have a wide range of interests, or have a big profit margin.

The easiest method is to start with a broad topic and then focus on a particular specialization. The best course for you as a new e-commerce vendor would be to analyze the competition. You can quickly become an expert in that field and reduce competition by choosing a certain product category.

For instance, a new kitchen supply business would initially face fierce competition from powerful, well-known brands offering a wide range of kitchen products.

The following things should be considered before choosing a product to sell online.


 Check for profitability by making sure you can profit from it. When evaluating profitability, you should also consider elements like shipping, packaging, and marketplace fees.


Verify that there is a sufficient amount of demand. In the beginning, stay away from seasonal goods. One of the mistakes new sellers frequently make is to launch into selling a certain product without first gauging demand.


You ought to confirm the rivalry. Avoid markets with lots of competitors. You should know that competition can lower your profits, especially if there isn’t enough demand.

Sell products online

Where should you sell?

Every newcomer should begin selling on a reliable marketplace, except a reputable brand that needs to have an online store as a supplement to offline endeavors.

There is a lot to learn about how this business operates therefore selling on internet marketplaces is a sensible choice. You don’t need to maintain a large inventory if you sell at a market.

The vendors may need to present certain documentation to marketplaces. Even if most of the necessary documents are the same, some markets could demand additional documents. Keep the following files prepared for submission:

  • GST No (for selling taxable items)
  • Check canceled.
  • PAN Card replica.
  • If required to present a GST invoice of goods acquired for selling brands, do so immediately.
  • a copy of the trademark registration document (If applicable).
  • Symbols from brands (If applicable).

You might need to submit a brand authorization letter to some marketplaces to sell products from particular brands. Therefore, before listing brands, sellers are recommended to inquire about these restrictions with the seller’s support of the specific marketplace(s) they wish to sell on.

It’s time to get ready to sell on other platforms once you have mastered the trade tactics and gained confidence in your ability to sell online in India.

You can monitor your sales on online marketplaces with the help of programs like GoPlinto. Selling on well-known marketplaces can bring in thousands of dollars each month if your ideas are sound.

Your ultimate goal should be to open your store where you can build your brand while continuing to sell at marketplaces.

Anyone with a little understanding of technology and programming abilities may now run an internet store like a pro.

How to Choose an E-Commerce Platform?

There are numerous reputable online retail sites. Several factors, including applicability, cost, and others, should be considered during the choosing process. Security, storage space, and creative design are the three main topics that need to be discussed with your e-commerce platform provider.

Safety procedures:

 In online commerce, safety is a crucial concern. Verify that the platform you chose has SSL encryption and fraud prevention.

Storage Space: 

Check to see if your selected e-commerce platform does not restrict your sales. It ought to have adequate storage. It will affect your sales volume and ability to accept increasing orders later.

Friendly User Interface:

Your online store has to appear better and be more responsive. It should also have an intuitive user interface. Each tool should be exact and make it simple for customers to choose the alternatives they want.

Choosing an e-commerce platform that enables you to create, personalize, and manage an online store is the key to these. These platforms include resources to assist you in setting up your e-commerce business. They will assist you in navigating the necessary procedures, including hosting, design, pricing, payment alternatives, advertising reports, and tools. There are several platforms like Shopify, GoPlinto, Woocommerce, etc. You can also start a reselling business through these platforms!

Sell Online

Looking for how to sell a product online in India? Try GoPlinto!

The simplest platform to launch and grow your online business is GoPlinto. It offers custom domains, plug-in integration, other features, and anything else you require to operate a profitable online store.

With GoPlinto, getting started is simple. Register for an account and choose the package that best meets your company’s needs. Then, in less than 30 seconds, add your products, process orders, and begin selling online.

You can choose from their eye-catching themes using their drag-and-drop interface to modify your website’s look to suit your brand’s requirements.

Today, selling online is simple. All you need is a solid company concept, a quality product, and clarity regarding your target market.

Sign up now to know more about how to sell a product online in India!

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