5 Essential Customer Acquisition Strategies That Actually Work

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You’re not the only business owner who finds it difficult to attract new clients. The price of acquiring a customer has gone up by more than 50% in the last five years. Brand trust is declining, it costs more to acquire new customers, and prospect communication methods are evolving.

How therefore may your client acquisition strategy be improved?

The following consumer acquisition tactics need your attention. They’ll have an effect on your business by lowering the cost of acquiring new clients as well as by motivating them to stick with your brand.

customer acquisition

What Is Acquiring New Clients?

The process of acquiring new clients for your company is known as customer acquisition. An effective customer acquisition strategy aids businesses in gaining new clients, keeping hold of existing ones, and boosting profits.

Acquisition and lead generation are frequently mistaken terms. Lead generation, by contrast, is a tactic for purchasing media and converting the visitors into qualified leads. A qualified lead is a potential customer who has been verified and forwarded to the sales team.

Why is a clear customer acquisition procedure necessary? Well, from lead generation to onboarding and conversion, customer acquisition includes every stage of the lead experience. When done properly, conversions can happen on your website, over the phone, and even in Messenger and SMS. Even retention is included in some customer acquisition plans.

Segment Your Messenger Sequences.

Prospects can conduct information searches on popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Google, and more. Although you may broaden your audience on websites, there is a tonne of competition to be concerned about. You can promote good relationships and establish trust with potential clients by developing a Messenger strategy and concentrating on segmented interactions.

Matching subscriber expectations and providing them with value via Messenger in order to retain them is essential for the success of Messenger marketing. To acquire high open and click through rates, many marketers regularly send blog pieces, videos, downloadable information, and discounts.

Follow these steps to map out your Messenger customer acquisition process:

  • Organize users into groups based on how they joined your Messenger bot. For instance, if someone joins via a YouTube video, tag them according to the video’s subject.
  • Make a sequence for each subject that builds rapport by providing content, soliciting comments, and engaging the subscriber in dialogue.
  • At the conclusion of your sequence, set a conversion objective for them.
  • Even once they convert, keep sending them promotions and material.

Utilize Sms To Find New Clients.

What can you do with the data you gather using Messenger? Create an SMS subscriber list, then utilise it to connect with clients more deeply and increase sales.

Although SMS marketing may appear to be a dated kind of advertising, it is actually a very powerful tool for connecting with new clients. You can send product updates, discounts, and bargains, as well as event reminders and content promotion. A wonderful technique to encourage individuals to use your Messenger channel again to send lengthier, more personalised messages is through SMS.

One of the few ways to continuously reach clients is through SMS marketing. You may increase your overall customer acquisition by using email and Messenger together with other channels to learn more about your audience.

Republishing Previous Blog Posts

Your company blog and the content you’ve added to it have probably received a lot of your time and attention. However, a drawback of time-based blogging is that older posts will appear further down the feed. Deeper-buried posts on your site receive a smaller internal PageRank share, which affects their Google rating.

Republishing previous blog posts is a simple fix. You can amend any metrics or studies, add new subheads, and update any outdated content before re-promoting it.

How do you know when to update a blog post?

  • Decreasing search results. There are two primary causes for this: One, Google is giving more recent content priority since it thinks your content is dated. Two, content that is superior to yours has been posted on other websites.
  • On page 2, you are. Page two can be a graveyard, as you undoubtedly assume. That does not, however, imply that your material is subpar. Adjust content by making it more thorough, more fully satisfying user intent, or by including other material, such as videos or photographs.
  • There isn’t a Snippet Feature on page 1. Snippet features, also known as position 0, are regarded as the pinnacle of search results since they generate more clicks and traffic.

Respond To Inquiries On Quora

On the internet, people search for information inordinately often. Question-based websites like AskJeeves and Quora became a central location for user-generated queries and responses as a result. Today’s marketers can respond to pertinent Quora queries to generate qualified referral traffic for their website.

In most circumstances, this is a fantastic chance to introduce warm leads into your sales process.

You now have a lengthy list of popular Quora questions to respond to! Keep in mind to provide useful, perceptive responses that contribute to the solution of the issue a question addresses. Finally, link your content.

Launch A Referral Scheme.

When we consider referral schemes, we primarily consider the credit cards that we can convince our friends to sign up for in order to receive that complimentary flight to Bali. However, referral programmes have also gained popularity in a variety of sectors, including b2b, eCommerce, and software firms.

As an illustration, Evernote introduced a successful points-based referral programme years ago that they continue to utilise today.

Referral programmes have the potential to be an effective customer acquisition technique for your company when handled properly. Referrals often have a 16% higher customer lifetime value and a 30% greater conversion rate than leads obtained through other marketing channels. Whether you’re a b2c or b2b business, you may build a strong sales pipeline by using existing clients to attract new ones.

Customer Acquisition

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