Top 4 Alternatives To WooCommerce You Must Try Out

There are many alternatives to WooCommerce, although one of the most apparent first options for eCommerce retailing is WooCommerce. WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin, makes it easier to sell products online by combining several robust features in a user-friendly interface.

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin. Thus you need an existing website before adding the ability to accept payments, unlike other sales solutions. WooCommerce is fortunately incredibly user-friendly and flexible enough to work for various businesses.

There is no need to freak out if WooCommerce is no longer your thing. The next greatest thing can be found in this article, so don’t look elsewhere. There are many alternatives to WooCommerce available out there.

The distinction between website builders and content management systems should also be made (CMS). The ability to swiftly and efficiently develop a website is made possible by website builders, whereas website content management systems (CMS) manage the content of the website. 

This post will show you where the remaining top eCommerce sites are going since just 29% of them currently use the WooCommerce platform.

Even though WooCommerce has the potential to be fantastic, not everyone will find it to be the ideal tool. There are many more alternatives to WooCommerce if you don’t want to employ a WordPress plugin for your sales approach. This list was made for that reason.

You’ll find a list of WooCommerce alternatives below that will provide you with the extensive range of straightforward and remarkable tools you need to succeed online.

So, in this post, we’ll discuss Some of our favorite alternatives to WooCommerce.


alternatives to woocommerce
GoPlinto Landing Page

One of the best alternatives to WooCommerce is GoPlinto. GoPlinto is a platform that allows for no-code eCommerce development. You can start your eCommerce store by completing the following steps: join up for free. Your website is generated once you provide the essential information about your store and add products. With GoPlinto, you can design your own eCommerce website, manage your brand, and make it successful. They offer more than 100 homepage template options from which to choose and communicate. Create your online store in a matter of minutes with Goplinto. GoPlinto can be among your favorite alternatives to WooCommerce.

GoPlinto Plans

GoPlinto Consists of a Silver plan, Gold Plan, and Platinum Plan. Its starting range is $29.

GoPlinto Features

  • You can enjoy an Inventory of up to 1500 products and a Unique Website URL. 
  • You will also have Basic Reports and payment options like – COD, Online, Checkout option – Pickup, and Delivery.
  • You will also have a Host e-Commerce website on your own domain and a 3-page website layout along with features such as Coupons & Variants.
  • You will have your Own Branded IOS & Android App. 
  • You can enjoy SSL, HTTPS, and PCI-DSS Compliance and a fully hosted AWS Cloud for taking millions of traffic, at no additional cost.
  • GoPlinto will also let you have access to premium marketing tools, features, and more.

GoPlinto is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to WooCommerce out there. The type of services you get at this rate is what makes it the best.


alternatives to woocommerce
Shopify Landing Page

Shopify is the brand that eight hundred thousand businesses worldwide trust. It really is a full-featured alternative to WooCommerce. It includes a great selection of premium plans and features to fit different entrepreneurs’ requirements and financial capabilities.

You have complete control over your online store with Shopify, and you have access to a mobile app. Business entrepreneurs who are constantly on the go may find this to be very useful!

Shopify Plans

Shopify has a Basic Plan, a Shopify Plan and an Advance Plan. 

Shopify Features

  • The fundamental Shopify feature is that you get your online store where you may list and sell an endless amount of goods. 
  • Additionally, you’ll get two staff accounts, 24/7 support, and an integrated blog on your website. 
  • You will have the ability to create reports that look professional, and the ability for your customers to utilize gift cards.
  • You will also get an unlimited number of Shopify POS staff PINs, and pre-calculated third-party shipping costs. 


alternatives to woocommerce
Wix Landing Page

Wix offers the most paid-for options for you to pick from among all the alternatives to WooCommerce on this list. Their most pricey bundle comes with a unique price cut.

Wix themes are recognized for being incredibly simple to customize. Almost anything is changeable! Each template also works well on mobile devices. For building a robust online store, Wix offers a variety of marketing tools and AI design in each of its plans.

Wix Plans

Wix has got the Ultimate Plan, Pro Plan, VIP plan, Business Basic Plan, Business VIP Plan and Business Unlimited Plan. The starting price of the plans are $22 per month.

Wix Features

  • It offers certain premium apps for a fee and upto 50GB of storage.
  • You can grow your market utilizing social media, live chat, notifications, and SEO support.
  • You’ll have access to greater phone support and priority assistance when needed. If you require a high-performance email marketing campaign, this is fantastic.
  • Business Basic plan: It includes unrestricted bandwidth, no Wix advertisements, a commission-free online store, Google Analytics, and more. 
  • Allows for the posting of videos lasting up to 30 hours, offers 35 GB of storage, and costs just $4 more per month to use tools for marketing your business.
  • Best VIP response and prioritization for your company.


alternatives to woocommerce
Squarespace Landing Page

Squarespace, which was founded in 2003, offers some of the most excellent customer services in the market. Additionally, they have received recognition for the excellence of their site design. All in all, Squarespace is an excellent place to start if you’re searching for something unique. Their advantages outweigh their modest prices. It is one of the decent alternatives to WooCommerce.

Squarespace Plans

Squarespace provides its customers with Personal plan, Business plan, Basic Commerce Plan and Advance commerce plan. 

Squarespace Features

  • Offers strong SSL security and a free personalized domain. 
  • Additionally, there are two staff accounts, limitless bandwidth, and storage space.
  • Includes a business Gmail account in addition to everything included in the “Personal” package. 
  • Additionally, you may sell an unlimited number of products, see website stats, and completely personalize your site using CCS and JavaScript. However, there is a transaction fee of 3%.
  • Users can register for accounts on your website, and a Xero connection is provided. Additionally, selling on Instagram is a breeze!
  • You may distribute and sell subscription-based products, initiate and manage abandoned cart email campaigns, allow gift cards from your consumers, and much more.

To Sum-Up: GoPlinto is the best possible alternative to WooCommerce

There is a tonne of alternatives to WooCommerce, as you can see, and one of them might just suit your needs. Some of these will be influenced by your region and your company’s requirements. Therefore, conduct your research before handing out any money. All these alternatives to WooCommerce are pretty decent and can fulfil your needs effectively. Meanwhile, other options are adaptable and include a full range of features to assist with starting your first online store. Yes, we are talking about GoPlinto.

We let you utilize numerous currencies and languages, and we are SEO-friendly. To make it simple for you to keep track of your marketing initiatives, we also give you access to sales performance metrics. Importing your merchandise and handling returns are simple processes. The platform offers tools to help automate some of your marketing duties, supports a variety of payment methods, and offers insightful reporting.

Sign Up Now.! To create your own E-Commerce Store.

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